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certificate level 2 AAT with kaplan .....

bumbazzbumbazz Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
does anyone have any experience with kaplan ? if so are they any good ? and more importantly is it possible to pay by intallement or everything must be paid in full before enrolling ?

thank you .


  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    I haven't had any experience with Kaplan, but reading the various threads on here experience is wide ranging. Read the thread 'Dare you investigate the Home Learning College' there are lots of opinions in there.

    If you are Distance Learning it is possible to buy each unit as you require it with Kaplan. Although this doesn't necessarily work out cheaper. Have you looked into some of the smaller providers? The service tends to be more personal, although you will have to pay up front for the whole level. Depends what you are after in tems of support.

    I have just signed up with Eagle Education, after studying with BPP for Level 2who were dreadful in terms of service and support. With Eagle I have a named Tutor who I can contact, and who actually answers queries promptly, I have had an Induction and a study plan agreed on, none of this was provided with BPP, the books were sent to you and that was that.

    Good luck with your decision and enjoy the study
  • LianeLiane Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I started with Kaplan around 6 weeks ago, after paying the whole amount they then like to get in contact with you before they send your books etc out to you, so my books arrived around 3 weeks after paying.

    In regards to paying instalments, im pretty sure that you have to pay it all in full before anything is sent out to you!

    After my books were sent out to me i have heard nothing from them :confused1: and i must admit i was very confused as to where to start!

    Hope this helps :001_smile:
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