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What to do next?

waxbutterflywaxbutterfly Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 16
I just received my Foundation Certificate and am well pleased. I have'nt finished my portfolio yet though so I think the college have pulled a fast one.

Id like to move on to the next stage but dont know how to go about it. Is it possible for me to work towards it without a college or training centre to guide me? I wouldnt want to do the next level with the same college because I thought the tutor was rubbish and didnt bother..he came to my place of work to teach me and others.

Im annoyed because I've put in alot of work for the portfolio whereas others from my workplace havnt bothered but have still passed. Its left me on a bit of a downer really. Im not sure of the credability of my work as I feel my tutor is misguiding the college he works for.

What do I do? Im not sure I have the time to attend a college because of work and commuting.
What options do I have and is it really worth it after whatI have experienced?


  • TobytykeTobytyke Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Having not completed your portfolio means that you should not have received your level 2 certificate. The tutor is obviously not playing by the rules and could/will cause problems for the college when the EV visits.

    It is quite possible to continue your studies at your own pace using books from the likes of Osborne, BPP, Kaplan etc. All you would then need to do is arrange with a local college for you to sit your Simulations and Exams. They will probably charge you a fee for this.

    Essentially your portfolio doesn't have to contain any work based evidence, it can be complete with just the simulations. The main idea behind the portfolio, i believe, is for you to be able to show a prospective employer what you can do. Front sheets of a simulation against work based evidence - i know who i would employ.

    Hope that helps
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