Unit 5 & 6 Books for Diploma

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I have just completed the certificate level in the diploma pathway and now coming to decide how to complete the advanced certificate level. I have been reading on here about completing the exam units on my own without purchasing a full course from learning provider which I am very interested in doing.

I was just looking on Amazon and Kaplan Publishing websites to look at the cost of books and there doesnt seem to be a separate book for units 5 and 6 for diploma and for NVQ. I know this may sound like a silly question :blushing: but is unit 5 and 6 the same for both NVQ and Diploma pathways as they both have a unit 5 and unit 6. If so does it matter whether the book is for NVQ or Diploma - are the books universal for both pathways? When I look on Amazon and Kaplan Publishing, it just has one book for each unit and doesnt mention whether it is for NVQ or Diploma or both. I just want to make sure I dont buy a book that says unit 5 thinking that it can be used to learn the Diploma when it is actually for the NVQ level and is different.

Also could anyone advise me on good study books for the two units, i.e. ISBN numbers so I can find the right one.

I want to just make sure I buy the right book to be able to pass the exam :001_smile:


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