Unit 5 & 6 Skills Test....

I will soon be sitting my unit 5 & 6 skills tests and am wondering if anyone has and past papers that they could please email to me so i can have a look through them.

If you are willing to help then please pm me a message as soon as possible and i will give you my email address.

im sure there are people out there who can help so please step up and help me,

many thanks



  • jow774
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    Unit 6 Simulations - Please


    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any unit 6 simulations they could let me have too.

  • DIPS6369
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    Simulation 6 & 7

    Dear Fellow Students

    I enrolled a few years back to do my intermediate, but had to drop out as i had an operations.

    I am current a Foundation Level Student, but I still have the old books from the AAT for the Following Units and they have at the back of the book the following:

    Units 6 - ECR (Evaluating Costs & Revenues)
    Mock Skill Test + Answer Book + Answers
    Mock Examination + Specimen Examination Paper + Answers

    Units 7 - PRR (Preparing Reports & Returns)
    Practice Skills Test 1 & 2 + Answer Book + Answers
    Mock Skill Test 1 & 2 + Answer Book + Answers
    Mock Examination + Specimen Examination Paper + Answers

    If you would like the same then please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address: [email protected]

  • jkc
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    hey there
    theres a couple of practice sims on the website under skills tests
    i am doing sim 5 practice at the mo.
  • Rachey
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    If you have Osborne books there's some great ones in there for Unit 5 (FRA workbook)
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