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Health and Safety Witness Testimony?

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I can't find it....I'm more or less finished with my H&S simulation - but wondered what form the witness testimony should take? Would a letter/note from the head of Health and Safety saying that they have seen my recommendations be enough? Thanks for any help!

Also - how much of the cross referencing do you have to do? Does every item have to be matched to something else? I'm wondering if it would be easier actually to do the case study provided by AAT, where presumably things aren't as 'messy' as they are in a real workplace, lol! :lol:


  • sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 567
    Your college or learning provider will probably have a template one, if you ask them.
  • too_busy_to_stitchtoo_busy_to_stitch New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Thank you - got it :001_smile: - now my problem is that I just can't find too much wrong with health and safety at my workplace :ohmy:, they do take it all quite seriously. How many points do we need to find wrong? I can only really find one or two without digging real deep!!!
  • ToffeemadblueToffeemadblue Well-Known Registered Posts: 102
    Hiya TBTS,
    I finished mine about six weeks ago and got it back last week with no corrections Hurrah!
    I too found it difficult to pick holes in our policy or rules; but managed to pad it out by focusing on compliance and waffling about how despite good communication and clear procedures, there were still issues about getting people to adhere to rules and how much time and money it costs to police and audit H&S syatems.
    On the crossreferencing section I found that some of my answers could be used to cross reference many standards. I think mainly they just want to see every box filled in!
    Good luck
  • sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 567
    I just did a risk assessment of where I work, pointing out potential hazards after looking at the HSE website. If they weren't there I just acknowledged I was aware of them, like trip hazards and what we did to make sure we didn't have them, such as good housekeeping, clearing deliveries away as soon as possible, etc.
  • too_busy_to_stitchtoo_busy_to_stitch New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Thank you everyone - I got through it fine. I think I was expecting them to want more than they did :001_smile: :001_smile: :001_smile:
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