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Recurring Entries

fatandfortyfatandforty Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 553
Please could someone tell me how to change a recurring entry (in Sage) from a journal transaction type to a Bank/Cash/Credit Card Payment. It will only let me edit certain bits and not actually change the type of transaction.

Please help!


  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 654
    Do you mean a journal that has already been posted? Sage won't allow you to amend journals transactions, you'll have to reverse it out by doing another journal.

    If you're wanted to amend a recurring transaction already set up why not delete or put a final payment for the existing and then start afresh?
  • fatandfortyfatandforty Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 553
    I did wonder if I'd have to delete and then start again. Thank you:001_smile:
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