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unit 31

meibakermeibaker Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 481
hey everyone:
i am actually doing homestudy with bpp at the moment. going to do my exam in June. now, i am thinking to do unit 31,(still don't understand how this unit work?) or unit 5,6 first then unit 31 after? which is better? what happened if i failed unit 30 and need to resit, can i still take my unit 5 and 6 exam in dec? please help.
many thanks


  • MrskingyMrskingy Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 20

    Iam doing a home learning course with Kaplan. You can complete the exams and simulations in any order you wish. Obviously you will not receive the certificate for each level until you have completed all units for that level.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  • meibakermeibaker Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 481
    thanks very much for your reply. much appriciated! good luck to your study too!
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