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Posted by: tracylant
Original Content:
Hi there,
I have recently joined the AAT as a student member studying the Foundation Introductory Accounting Unit 30 - I am struggling with my exam date being in June because I feel that there is not enough time to revise!!! Would it be adviseable to delay this exam/simulation until December???


I am currently unemployed and have no-one except this forum and the distance learning tutors for advice, I did do a HND in Business in Finance but that was ten years ago.................

Any advice welcome please
Many thanks
Tracy :001_smile:


  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 459
    Dear Tracey

    How far along are you in your studies? Did you decide to go for the exam in June. I think it would be possible to do, once you have got you head around the double entry system you are there really, this is the hardest bit for Unit 30 and the underlying principle for everything else.
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