Reporting Skills Units 15 & 17 for ACCA exemptions

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Hi All,

I have contacted the AAT, the ACCA, Kaplan and BPP about this and I hear something different each time.

The 2 options I'm choosing at Technician level are 15 and 17 which are the skills test units.

I have been doing the main 3 units as homestudy but intended to do 15 and 17 at BPP. Then I noticed the BPP dates for unit 15 & 17 simulation exams, one is 3 days before ACCA exemption deadline (15th August) and the other is 5 days after! I know you can choose to do simulations earlier but why are the dates published in their brochure after ACCA exemption dates?

I've completed unit 10 and I'm hoping to pass 8,9,11 in June but I have been told by a someone at the AAT who didnt seem to understand what skills units are, that every unit (including skills) must be reported to AAT by 20 July.

I have also heard from colleges and the ACCA that as long as you complete the June exams (units 8,9,11) they will give you leeway on submitting the skills unit results for exemptions.

Does anyone know exactly how this works? I think I can complete units 15 and 17 by late July but then there's the turnaround time to mark and submit.

I've decided to book the units with Kaplan because they are flexible with when I can sit them.

I'm still none the wiser as to whether I will get the exemptions if the units are submitted to the AAT after 20 July but some time before 15th August!

Any help appreciated!


  • smokinbloke
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    Anyone got any ideas on this one?
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    If you can't do the simulations until after the ACCA deadline you won't get the exemptions, they are quite strict with their deadlines.

    If you don't get the exemptions you can sit one of the knowledge papers but you would have to pay for F1,2 and 3 and at about £50 an exam it's worth waiting!!

    ACCA need your statement of achievement or notification from the AAT before the deadline date so if you can't sit and get them marked you are better to wait until the next ACCA exam sitting.

    As the AAT provide notification to ACCA they do need every unit reported to them or they can't put it on your statement of achievement. I guess your only hope is to find out how long it takes BPP to turn the simulations around and report them to AAT.

    As to your question about why the dates are after the ACCA deadline, I guess they also cater for people who don't need the exemptions for ACCA or who are still sitting exams etc

    Does this answer all your questions?
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