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Unit 1 Simulation End-of-Exam Quick Questions

buttersbutters New MemberRegistered Posts: 10

I failed my Unit 1 simulation back in November or whenever it was, anyway last week I sat my retake and i'm pretty sure I did ok except for the quick one word answers at the end.

If at all possible are there any resources online where I could get some practise ones or if people have done mock tests in class could you post a few here (just questions - not answers).

I have the AAT tutorial textbook and I have done all the end-of-chapter questions but they didn't really cover the questions in the exam.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance


  • zainabzainab Feels At Home Registered Posts: 31
    anyone ..!!


    I hope that someone can help you ..
    I agree with you, the textbook didn't really cover the questions in the exam.
  • buttersbutters New Member Registered Posts: 10
    i passed :001_smile: but again the questions at the end were tough as i hadn't looked at unit one for quite a few months

    thanks for the reply anyway zeinab :thumbup1:
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