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Achieving Personal Effectiveness - aaarrggh

sarahwilsonsarahwilson Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 567
I've been putting this unit off for absolutely ages and now I want it out of the way. I'm just wanting to check I'm onthe right track with it, I'veemailled my tutor but shes on holiday and I wanted to send it in before I go on holiday in a fortnight!!

I've got a listing of tasks I created for a trainee we have that need to be completed, with frequency they should ideally be completed and a worst case frequency in busy periods, eg current account transactions should be posted to sage daily but at worst case they can be done weekly, to enable the weekly current account rec to be done. I've then put a few lines about why its preferable to do them to the ideal frequency, so the bank rec is best done weekly because it enables errors to be backtracked more easily and reduces workload at month end if the rec is almost complete.

I've also done soem work on how our department completing daily tasks or not, impacts on other departments, eg not checking the current account balance daily results in extra charges if we are overdrawn which will reduce the bonus pot available to production staff.

Is this the sort of thing they are after?


  • ToffeemadblueToffeemadblue Well-Known Registered Posts: 102
    Hi Sarah,
    What you have put sounds fine to me (and I passed). This unit is not about being right or wrong and a lot of it is common sense. For students working in a financial environment it is just a matter of demonstrating you understand the theory of effective working (time management, organisational techniques etc) and can palusibly apply them to your work tasks in different circumstances.
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