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certificate with premier training ?

bumbazzbumbazz Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
i am about to do the certificate with premier training .. they seem to be a bit cheaper than some other company however i would like to know regarding simulations test if they coudl be done at a study centre and where they are based ?


  • toshitoshi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 27
    They are based at North East Linc. DN40 1LE - you can do the simulations test at their centre. They will provide you with a of list places where you can do the test. You can also do the test at work?
  • sharonjsharonj Well-Known Registered Posts: 166

    If you mean the skills tests, I'm assuming they are the simulations, then you can actually sit them with your boss. There is a list of acceptable people you can use in the pack that Premier Training send you. You can use

    a former employer
    employer at a work placement
    a professionally qualified person bound by ethical code
    a teacher/lecturer
    Member of the clergy
    Job club official
    Referee (excluding personal referee) used for job applications
    a member of AAT district society

    I know a retired teacher and I'm hoping that she'll be an acceptable person to use. Fingers crossed.
  • bumbazzbumbazz Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    thank you for your response ... i will be unemployed soon so taking the test with my employer will be difficult .

    i was wondering if they had some skill test centre over the country or only in north east lincolnshire ?

    thank you for your time.
  • mikesmikes Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 254
    Just to clarify, you can do this at a library or at a Learning Direct Centre.

    Ask someone there and they will be able to let you use them as a supervisor. They don't need to be with you all the time. Just give you the paper when you start and let you do it in a quiet room. They will be able to confirm that you didn't have access to any books etc.
  • steveJsteveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    If you take the certificate with premier training you can also get Sage accounting included on cd. Obviously this is for the computing section of the skills test. If you have a laptop you can take this to the library with the cd. Same applies-you still need a person to verify of no cheating etc.

    Hope this helps
  • turbo_sammieturbo_sammie Feels At Home Registered Posts: 51
    Are the skills tests the practice exams that you do at the end of each unit, or are they something that Premier Training would send to you separately? I'm just coming up to the end of Unit 30 now (with Premier Training) and not too sure how to proceed?
  • mikesmikes Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 254
    The practice and mini exams are a type of progress report, to see that you understand the subject and to see if you are ready to do the actual exam/test.

    For unit 30, you would do a mock exam at home, you dont need a supervisor for this, when you have done it, you send it to Premier for your tutor to mark and they give you feedback, to let you know how you got on.

    Once you are ready, then you do the actual skills test with a supervisor. The exception for this unit is part 3, which you do at home and have a month in which to send it in. Overall the skills test is which gets included as part of your statement of achivement, once you have passed it.
  • turbo_sammieturbo_sammie Feels At Home Registered Posts: 51
    Will Premier Training send me the mock exam in the post or is it something I should already have in my possession?
  • mikesmikes Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 254
    With the timetable they sent you, you will have the name of the mock exam that you have to do and when by. The exam can be found in the back of the workbook and you send in your answers. Clarify with then first about the 3rd part, as to when that should be done.
  • steveJsteveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Unit 30 has one main exam that can be taken in either December or June. On your work schedule you should have assignments that need to be completed i.e short tests and practice exams. Once your tutor thinks that you are ready you can book up for the main exam.

    The main exam can be taken in either June or December at various please around the country. This needs to be booked through the AAT where you will be shown where you can take it.

    I would say, try to do all of the past exam papers. They can be found on here. This gave me excellent practice for the exam which i recently took in June.

    If you want, you can go from doing Unit 30 exam straight onto the advanced stage and then do unit 31 after that. Thats what im doing. Ask your tutor about this.

    Good luck
  • mikesmikes Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 254
    sorry Turbo, Steve is right. I was getting my unit numbers mixed up, ie i was talking about the works skills unit, which has three parts and not the one that you are doing.
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