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Recommend a textbook?

davegdaveg Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
I have the books sent out to me by my college for AAT Level 2 & 3, but can anyone recommend a textbook/study guide to accompany the course.



  • Bookworm55Bookworm55 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 479
    Always glad to recommend a book!

    Do you mean something to supplement your college's choice of books? Because your college's set text is very important. Mine used Osborne Books' series of AAT-specific texts, which were good overall. I had the chance to see BPP's material first-hand today and was really impressed with it (although that was for CIMA). What are you using?

    Frank Wood's Bookkeeping and Accounts helped me through foundation.

    Frank Wood's Business Accounting volumes 1 and 2 were extremely useful through the entire course and worth keeping around for further study.

    What is it you're after exactly?
  • davegdaveg Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Yeah to supplement the books that HLC have supplied with the course. i'll certainly look up those you've suggested. Thanks
  • sabrina1978sabrina1978 New Member Registered Posts: 8
    extra books...

    i would not recommend kaplan, the college that i am at wont allow us to use any other and ther are so many inconsistancies in them. Even the tutor has asked for better material to use as she prefs BPP or Osbourne,

    Myself and other classmates have decided to pay out for this books ourselves as we cant even get funding for decent materials.
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