Kaplan -AAT Technician- units 8&9, unit 11 & unit 18

StaffzStaffz Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 40

For sale are 3 workbooks/study text books and the 3 matching pocket notes. These are all in good condition. All 2008/2009, used until June 2009 exams.

If anyone is interested contact me with details of which you want and we'll work out a price. If the whole lot taken together will make it v. reasonable. New these worked out £90.

These include: DFS (u.11), PCR(u.8&9) & Business Taxation(u.18)


  • joestokedjoestoked Just Joined Registered Posts: 3

    hi staffz,

    Have you still got your books for sale - if so please let me know how much you want for them?

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