Managing Performance & Resources Workbook Answers

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Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to email me or direct me to where I can get the Managing Performance & Resources Workbook Answers?

Struggling through a few of the chapters, so it would be nice to see where I'm going wrong. My tutor useless and so am I!



  • Andypandy
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    I believe that the answers are in the tutor pack - could you try borrowing one from another tutor? Best of luck.
  • mic1927
    mic1927 Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    Still having no luck with the tutor. There's usually some floating about on here. There was for Foundation and Intermediate. Any luck anyone?

    Oh and it's Osbourne Books workbook I'm look for.
  • SandyHood
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    If you look at:
    You will see this sentence:
    We can also supply Tutor Packs to students, but only if evidence of the permission of the appropriate teacher or lecturer has been given to us

    You can then scroll down and print-off a form which your tutor would then sign.

    On the whole tutors who try to help out on the forum are not keen to knowingly provide answers to the texts. The general principle is that learning to answer questions by looking at answers has a number of flaws.
    I certainly discourage my students from using the answers in any way apart from a comparison with their own after they've finished.

    I am just as vulnerable as anyone to helping someone answer a question that he or she later submits as their own. I don't think it happens a lot, and I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't do the student a lot of good.

    Generally speaking Osborne's questions are good. If you read the chapter in the tutorial book, then answer the questions at the end of the chapter (and afterwards) compare your answers to the ones given, you'll find the book of questions asks similar questions that you can use to consolidate your own understanding.

    If you still doubt yourself, see if your tutor will let you buy the answers from Osborne.

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