Simulation Branson & co

Hello there

Am doing the Branson and Co simulation
I have got to task 6 where you need to enter ledger balances in to the trial balance

my balance is out by .50 I have 367028.77 on the Cr and 367029.27 on the debit side
I am absolutely positive I have calculated everything correctly but clearly not.

Has anyone had this particular situation

I am sure the credit balance is correct. Have gone through all my worked out ledgers for the debit side
this is what I have on the debit side
admin over 19347.89
branreth current 11556.73
ccar cost 41256.81
ccar dep 10143.05
other cost 18923.5
other dep 4730.88
purchases 130004.31
debtors 35576.29
sell over 18255.87
current 13362.79
stock 12513.77

ware cost 8046.76
ware dep 2011.69

ware over 32492.51
bank 8806.42

If anyone has the correct answers could they point out which journal has the wrong amount in it then I can work back once again over it all

many many thanks



  • pirate
    pirate Registered Posts: 469
    Hi there
    dont worry I;ve sussed it out
    Its the Sondin current account just did the additions again


  • valentino46
    valentino46 Registered Posts: 124 ? ? ?
    hi karen,

    ive completed branson and co so any q's you want to bounce off me carry on

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