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Help Please

donnas1977donnas1977 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 182

Has anyone done Best Furniture past paper ( I am assuming its a past paper lol, was handed this from the tutor).

Am struggling to do my reconcilliation of the subsidiary sales ledger and the SLCA. My workings are

details DR
opening bal 24491 DR
SBD 28670 DR
SRDB 3035 CR
CRB 8780 CR
bal c/d 41346 CR
Bal BD 41346 DR

NC Cayhill
details DR
opening bal 5600 DR
SDB 3760 DR
CRB 2500 DR
dis allowed 150 DR
bal c/d 6710 CR
bal B/D 6710 DR

Chastnet Ltd
details DR
opening bal 4445 DR
SDB 5875 DR
SRD 4280 CR
dis allowed 214 CR
bal c/d 5826 CR
BAL B/D 5826 DR

Edwards and Co
details DR
opening bal 3666 DR
SDB 940 DR
CRB 2000 CR
dis allowed 282 CR
bal c/d 2324 CR
BAL B/D 2324 DR

McFarlane and Son
details DR
opening bal 10780 DR
SDB 18095 DR
SRD 1860 CR
bal c/d 27015 CR
BAL B/D 27015 DR

Am out by 529. I cant see where I have went wrong.




  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Your workings ok (you've listed some wrongly as debits but I think it's just a typo as it adds up as if it was listed correctly).

    Have you got the actual questions in a emailable form, if so pm me and I'll send you my email address and I'll try and work it through for you.
  • donnas1977donnas1977 Well-Known Registered Posts: 182

    Yes I have the questions that I can email, will PM you
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Have emailed you a reply
  • donnas1977donnas1977 Well-Known Registered Posts: 182
    sorted, thanks for your help :)
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