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New around here :)

IngeniusIngenius Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 30
Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie and just wanted to say a big hey to you all!

I started studying for AAT Diploma Certificate Level about 3 weeks ago through Premier Training. It all seems to be dropping into place so far. I'm proud to announce that this evening DR and CR actually make TOTAL sense now. Woo hoo!! I was actually looking through here at random posts yesterday. I think it was the helpful tips off some of you that helped with that - thanks!

It seems like there's a really good support network going on here and it's nice to know that help isn't far away when you need it. I've studied through distance learning before but didn't have have anywhere like to bounce ideas/thoughts off others.

Hugs xx


  • ThomasDThomasD Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 19
    Hi Ingenius,

    I'm also studying unit 30 with Premier training and doing my exams in December. I've found the previous exam papers on the main AAT site very helpful.

  • J.BrookesJ.Brookes New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Welcome to the Forum.

    I also started a couple of weeks ago, but I'm doing the NVQ pathway. Haven't started on Debit and Credit yet, which surprises me. Anyway, I wish you luck on your course

  • IngeniusIngenius Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    Hi Thomas

    I'm also going to be sitting my exams in December.......or at least that's the plan! I was fretting that i wouldn't be ready. I've had a quick look at the past exam papers on the ATT website and actually i think i'll do fine.

    Best of luck mate!
  • IngeniusIngenius Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    Hi Jacqueline


    I've gone down the Diploma route as i don't actually work in accounts. I'm a payroller and have been for past 9 years.

    When you do start on DR and CR then check out some of the old posts on here if you get stuck.

    All the best of luck to you too.
  • SharleenSharleen Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36

    Hi all

    I've just started unit 30 too, through BPP. I'm hoping to do the foundation exam as a CBE rather than waiting until December to sit the exams on a set date.

    Has anyone else looked into this option?

    Seemed like by far the most flexible and easy way to do it to me.
  • IngeniusIngenius Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    Hi Sharleen

    I rang AAT earlier to find out what centres offer CBE as Premier Trianing is based in N E Lincs which is bit of a mission for me. They gave me some tel nos for centres near to me. It's now just a matter of ringing to find out if they accept external students or not.

    Mind you date for siting paper exam is w/c 30th Nov (i think) an i'm off work all that week. So i'm undecided.
  • SharleenSharleen Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Aah, fair enough.

    Well good luck whichever way you decide to do it.

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