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Portfolio... HELP!!!

Purple GoosePurple Goose Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3

This is my first post on here... I just joined :)

I started studying the Foundation AAT last month and I've booked in to do my exam in Dec - I'm doing it with Kaplan Distance Learning and the plan is to get both the Foundation and the Intermediate under my belt by next summer.

The thing is, I just have NO idea on where to start with the portfolio!! I haven't received my 'portfolio builder' from Kaplan yet (stock issues apparently) and I'm hoping that when I do get it, it will help a lot, because it's getting closer to Xmas and I feel I really need to be making a move on this.

Can someone pleeeeease give me some guidance on what I need to put in the damn thing!! Everyone I've spoken to who has done their AAT says the portfolio is really easy and (if anything) a complete waste of time, although they all studied it through a college and got told exactly what to put in it!! (I know I'm probably over analysing the student record, but having read it I seriously don't have a clue what I need to include in it to meet the standards)

I work in Purchase Ledger so I don't cover everything needed for the portfolio in my job. What should I do about this?! I have Sage Instant Accounts at home so can I create 'dummy' companies and submit the work that way?! Is this allowed?!

I'm also studying NCFE Level 3 Accounting with Computers which is a portfolio based qualification - I've made a start on this because I'm doing it through an evening class at college. I'd never heard of this qualification before I started it (I took the class to get experience in payroll) and I don't actually know whether it's any good, but the portfolio requirements seem similar to the foundation AAT. Does anyone know if it is?! Or if I can use the same work in both portfolios?!

Any answers, help, guidance would be MUCH appreciated!! I'm driving myself crazy worrying over this! (As I'm sure you'll have gathered from my rant!)

Thanks everyone!!

Purple x


  • CJCCJC Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,657
    Well, the first thing to do is to stop worrying, the portfolio is essentially just a record the work you've done towards the qualification crossed referenced to the elements in the student record that the portfolio covers. It can be a bit of a pain to put together, especially at Foundation level when you come to the H&S and Personal Effectiveness units but there's nothing really scary about it. You're not alone though, in posting here fretting about the portfolio, there's been more than a few similar posts over the years which suggests that neither the AAT or some learning providers properly explain what's involved.

    Units 1-4 will be mostly covered by skills tests and the exam, there will be details on the test booklets as to what elements each test covers. If there are any elements not covered, Kaplan should provide supplementary exercises to bridge the gaps.

    You may find that your NCFE course covers most of the working with computers unit, Kaplan will probably be able to help you with this, failing that ask the AAT. If not, again the simulation should cover the most if not all of what you need for your portfolio.

    H&S and APE are a pain in the butt to do and Kaplan should reallybe giving you guidance with this but I'll be happy to help with more specific advice as I'm sure will many others here. It's really a matter of going through the student record and giving evidence for each element. It doesn't need to be too involved and what counts as evidence is pretty flexible - if your employer as a detailed H&S policy document you'll probably find that covers a lot of what's needed for H&S. Indexing and referencing the evidence is the key here and that's mostly just tedious grunt work. On the plus side, once you've got those units done the portfolio for Intermediate and Technician (with the exception of Unit 10) is a doddle with everything needed being covered by exams and skills tests.

    Alternatively, depending on what your learning provider's policy is on this you could do the computer and H&S units as part of Intermediate and not do APE at all. You wouldn't get the Foundation qualification but that wouldn't affect your final results - many people complete the AAT course without doing Foundation at all. It's an option, anyway, especially as you're looking to complete Intermediate quickly.

    Ultimately, this is really stuff that your learning provider should be advising you on, after all that's their job, or it should be. No student should should be left in the dark worrying about these sorts of nuts and bolts issues.

    Well that was all a bit waffly but hope it helps some anyway.
  • Purple GoosePurple Goose Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you soooo much for getting back to me... your reassurance (waffles and all) has really helped and I'm going to get in touch with Kaplan next week for further instruction!! :D
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