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Balancing Accounts..

JaffasGirlJaffasGirl Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 387
Hi Guys,

When balancing accounts at the end of the month, if an account balances - without any balance needing to be carried down, do you still go through the motions ( i.e balance carried down £0, balance brought down £0 ) as this seems a bit pointless to me.

The account i am trying to balance is a Debtor account that they have paid off in full. therefore both sides balance already....

i cant seem to find an example of this in my notes.

Many Thanks


  • keane155keane155 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 404
    Hi, as far as I'm aware you don't need to carry down a zero balance. Just balance the account to show the equal amounts on each side. I never used to carry it down if there is no balance to carry down.

  • donnas1977donnas1977 Well-Known Registered Posts: 182
    Hi, we did this tonight on credit purchases. We just balanced the account to show the equal amounts on each side and no need to do a balance carry down.

  • JaffasGirlJaffasGirl Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 387

    i thought that was the case, but thought i would check anyway!! just incase there was a reason i hadnt learnt about yet!! lol

    Many thanks
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