Dispensing Doctors & VAT Partial Exemption HELP!!

Vonni Registered Posts: 63 ? ? ?
Can anyone give me any pointers regarding doctors accounts and VAT partial exemption.

I have recently taken over the accountancy for a 4 GP village practice who have a dispensary.

Looking at all the information on the Revenue website I am happy with the accounts side of things and doctors personal expenses and adjustments for CA's on private vehicles used for practice work.

BUT and it's a big BUT I don't feel 100% on the VAT partial exemption - the previous accountant is reluctant to provide me with a copy of their calculations for the last quarter; even though I have requested this information - they have happily provided a copy of the vat return though.

I've tried speaking to HMR&C VAT helpline which was next to useless!!

I believe there are some adjustments which need to be made in connection with personally administered income and a percentage calculation based on the doctors dispensing fee scale.

Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.



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