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:( really fed up now!!

tinkerellatinkerella Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 45
I have been trying to write a report in third person now for 6 months for units 21, 22 and 23 and my tutor will not give me any examples of how i should do this and how to incorporate my evidence i keep handing it in and she just keeps giving it me back saying its not right :( .... Does anyone have an example to show me?

I passed my exam june but can't get my certificate until i hand these 3 units in.

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

x x x


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    who are you studying with? i am with BPP and they just did a question and answer template for all 3 units. i also got the student record and went through each of the boxes and applied a piece of evidence for each.

  • tinkerellatinkerella Feels At Home Registered Posts: 45
    im at my local college and its just really getting to me now i just want it finished. She wants a report writing for each unit... i asked to do the simulations but as i work in accounts she wont let me do it

    x x x
  • lesscilessci Well-Known Registered Posts: 180
    The main thing with writing in the 3 person is not to use I.

    Eg Not I implemented a new accounts package
    but A New accounts package was implemented

    Hope that helps
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