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Health and Safety & Personal Effectiveness Simulations

J.BrookesJ.Brookes New MemberRegistered Posts: 10
Hi guys,
I recieved these 2 simulation packs last week, and was just told to complete and give in. I got a couple of info sheets and that was all. We didn't go through any of it in class, and I am really strugeling.

If anybody could give my any type of help, I would be really gratefull.


  • Claire321Claire321 Well-Known Registered Posts: 209

    I've also got these two simulations to do, and although I have a BPP book on these units, it doesn't cover a lot of the questions. Some of it is common sense, but some you will need to do research. Can you look at some books e.g in the library?

    For the health and safety unit, I found a lot of the information on the internet:-

  • HXxHoneyXxNHXxHoneyXxN Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    hi would u give me a simulation copy pls i just need a question and data task ... on Personal Effectiveness Simulations ... thanks so much i need it as soon as posible.. thanks so much
  • Angela254Angela254 Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Did you get a copy of the data and tasks for the simulation? If so read through it fully before completing the answers booklet, we didn't go through a great deal of health an safety in our lessons either, I think only about 30 mins to be honest. It’s mostly common sense, try not to over think it, I did and got into a real panic about it. If needed read the questions out loud to a friend and it will make more sense to you then. I handed mine in last week and am waiting for it to be marked.

    Good luck!
  • spindrifterspindrifter Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    H&S Simulation

    We were given these addresses to get info from.




    Hope these help you out.
  • J.BrookesJ.Brookes New Member Registered Posts: 10
    Sry, about answering so late. Life has been unnormally busy -.- I can't give a copy because I have no scanner. But I could typ in some of the questions later if thats ok.
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