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Any advice for a newbie?

Maby1987Maby1987 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Hi there,
I've just signed up to start at Diploma certificate level and after reading through the forums am getting a little concerned that I might be out of my depth.
Has anyone got any advice they wish they'd known from the start? I'm a little lost where to start and how long to study for etc etc. I work full time so this is distance learning in evenings.
Thanks, Meredith


  • SharleenSharleen Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Hi Meredith

    I've recently started through distance learning alongside a full time job too. Who did you sign up with?

    The speed will totally depend on your studying style and whether you already have some experience but here's my approach.

    I'm with BPP and try to set aside two evenings in the week to do one study session (ie chapter) per evening, then on one day at the weekend do two or three sessions followed by practice questions on everything I've learnt that week. I also make notes as I'm reading each chapter as just reading alone doesn't seem to stick in my brain.

    It might seem daunting at first but if you just get started on the first chapter I'm sure you'll soon get into the flow of it. Doing lots of practice questions as you go is definitely really valuable and makes you feel like you're getting somewhere when you get them right!
  • sharonjsharonj Well-Known Registered Posts: 166
    Hi Meredith

    I started studying last December and took my first exam for the diploma, certificate level June 09. I found that if I read the chapter I was working on that week on the train into work on a Monday morning and then possibly the rest of the chapter on the train home, I would then work on the chapter questions on a Monday night and a Tuesday night. I used to try and study at the weekend only but as I have children, I found that I wasn't spending as much time with them as I would like. I'm hoping to take my second exam this Christmas and trying to revise at the moment. What with Christmas coming up it does get difficult at times but I just try and make sure I do at least one practice exam a week.

    I will say that there will be times when you don't study for a while as events in your life will almost certainly get in the way at some point. The thing you need to do is try to get back into the routine as soon as you can. It is so easy to forget what you've learned if you go too long without studying and then you may have to re read a chapter to get your head back in the zone. Believe me, I've done it and it can be annoying. Just try to stick to a good routine that also lets you have some sort of social life too.

    Good luck,

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