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IT Elements Units 1-3

Emma_louiseEmma_louise Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Hi, can anyone help with IT elements unit 1-3, i submitted some work along with a quick storyboard and was told this was incorrect. Can anyone shed any light on this and advise what i have to do, as i have passed simulation of unit 1 but it cannot be completed until i have done the IT elements.

Any help please.......??


  • coojeecoojee Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 794
    It depends what they said was incorrect. They should have given you some more feedback so that you know exactly what you need to provide to meet the standards. It's usually more than you think and most students are better off doing the computerised accounts assessment.

    It's normally Unit 3 that students struggle to provide evidence for. From memory, you need a Trial Balance, a list of debtors and creditors that agree to the balances on the TB, a bank rec and a journal. Have you provided all these?

    For units 1 and 2 you need an invoice, a credit note, evidence of coding them, a copy of the day books showing those items, a copy of the ledger entry again showing those items, customer statements and evidence showing that you've entered customer receipts and supplier payments into the system.

    And that's only the evidence for Units 1-3, on top of that you need to provide evidence for Unit 21 which is usually done by a small project or report.

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