Aren't Simulation & Exam same thing?

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How do peeps.

I don't understand the point of doing simulation AND an exam for the same unit? I mean the format is similar so why do both?


  • lisnic
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    with the diploma pathway you do only do one or the other. with the nvq route some units have both

    they will have similar format but will probably be assessing different criteria
  • dobbieobby
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    Exams you HAVE to pass, or wait another 6 months to sit them. You cant leave the room (except for loo breaks) and you get a set time (3.15 hours)
    Skills tests are a little bit more relaxed, you get around 4 hours. You have to get over 80% as a pass, then have to go back for additional questions. Which arent that bad.
    Under 80% you have to sit the whole thing again. But it's not like you have to wait 6 months to do so.
  • abbiew
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    skills tests...

    sorry to hijack the thread here but last year on foundation level our tutor let us answer additional questions to pass our simulations if we needed to. now we have gone onto intermediate level the tutor that takes us this year has said he will not issue extra questions if people fail, instead they will have to re-sit the simulation in the summer before the exams. has anyone else come across this?

  • taskey
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    abbie, that does not sound right at all.

    Who are you studying with?

    I would speak to the AAT if i was you. You should be given the opportunity to sit additional questions.

  • SandyHood
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    The skills test is marked rigourously.
    The only circumstances when you are likely to be allowed to complete extra questions is when you have passed with more than 80% of the requirements.
    Anything less than 80% is too far below competence and you should do more preparation and attempt a fresh skills test.
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  • abbiew
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    Am doing the AAT with my local college, tutor has said that no-one will be given extra questions at all. if you don't show competence on your first attempt then you will have to resit a different one in the summer, regardless of if you have achieved over 80% or not. Skills test for unit 7 is in december so i'm hoping i pass. As in the summer i'll have the two exams to revise for as well.
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