Level 2 - PLB Foundation Exam pass rate?


Just done a mock test at work, got 93% so did ok except for a few stupid mistakes that i should have noticed when i reviewed the exam at the end. Anyways, it says on the exam answers paper that the percentage needed to pass the exam is 90% (section 1) and 75% (section 2)?! is that right as i was one or two silly mistakes away from failing if that's the case?



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    You should take any allegedly definitive statement about pass marks with a pinch of salt. The truth is that 1) no-one outside the AAT knows exactly how they mark exams; 2) pass marks are adjusted per paper to try and account for variations in difficulty from sitting to sitting and 3) marking is supposed to be based on competency rather than on candidates simply getting things right i.e. if you've shown you know how to do something errors in calculations are less important - incidentally, this is why it's vital always to show your workings and attempt every question.

    In any case 90% sounds very high to me, I'm sure I've passed AAT exams (and quite possibly all of them) with less than that.
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