btc & dfs how are u getting on/feeling?

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i go through ups and downs thinking omg ill never be exam ready in time but then think im getting there!

btc more of a panic than dfs! if i can stick to my study plan i think ill be on track at least

my study plan for today (thur):

dfs im just about to spend some time practicing cash flows and consolidated is.
then going to do some btc section 1 of past exam papers.

tomorrow (fri):

consolidated sfp again - new method for working out calculations to practice.
some standards written questions.
btc look at any problem areas i find from section 1 today and do some revision/practice questions on section 2.


section 2 of dfs - ratios and reports
btc finish revision/practice of section 2


dfs framework revision and standards revision
btc section 2 of past papers


full past paper jun 08 dfs
full past papers last 3 exams btc


am btc exam :-S
pm last 2 past papers dfs full paper and look over any definitions/problem areas


am dfs exam :-S
pm crash out or shop!!!!


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    Looks good to me
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