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So how did you find it?



  • kimmyjkimmyj Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    bank reconciliation

    I had the same problem just left it unbalanced as I had worked it out so it balanced but forgot to write down the workings so then was frantically trying to work it out as gave it up as a bad job to be honest it sounds like a few of us have had the same problem so hopefully it will be taken into account when it comes to marking
  • IngeniusIngenius Feels At Home Registered Posts: 30
    Oh my god!! That bank rec had me sitting there for ages trying to figure out where the hell it was out by £1,364!!! Didn't manage it in the end...i decided to leave it unbalanced as others did and am now hoping that i get some marks for at least attempting it. Hmmmmm. I nearly left the £1,364 out but then decided against it. It's nice to know that i'm not the only one who had problems with it...thought i was just being a bit thick :) ha ha ha.

    I also put 'thank you' at the beginning of the letter.

    Other than that thou i feel it went well. Didn't seem to have any problems with anything else....but only the results will tell!!

    Hope we've all passed!!
  • GWP83GWP83 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I looked at both opening balances, realized there was a £1,364 difference so i just didnt transfer the £1,365 payment from the bank statement to the cash book. I didnt make any reference as to why i left it out. Hope thats ok. I also put 'Thank you' cant think what else it could of been. Cant remember anything else from the exam, its just a blur now.
  • JK9194JK9194 New Member Registered Posts: 18

    which question paper? is it in PLB or other exam board

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