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PLB - Back Page of Exam Paper...

Right guys, i am freaking balls.

Seeing a lot of chat on here about questions regarding 'Thank You' on an invoice and can a friend get a refund on a printer, All supposedly the last questions.

Every past paper i've done finished on a bank rec and yesterday seemed no different, i'm sure after the bank rec there was a page for the marker and that was it, there can't of been questions directly on the back page was there?

Is there anyway it was a slightlt different exam as a few people seem to be having the same query as me, i sat it in Edinburgh...



  • mikeread90mikeread90 Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Back Page

    been reading a lot about people worried if they had missed a question about the letter.
    That was purely for people who did the diploma exam.
    Those who did the NVQ PLB like myself did not have that question! our last question was on the bank rec.
    Hope this stops a lot of panicing :)
  • DC Harry BattDC Harry Batt New Member Registered Posts: 6
    Cheers mate, that's a load of my mind!
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