Best training providers Units 15 & 32


Can anyone recommend a good distance learning provider for the above; I remember someone saying Kaplan was not good for unit 32 and another one (BPP or Premiere?) was much better?



  • Marga
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    hi i will start these two units on Jan (to hopefully sit simulations in Mar2010) i am stuck with HLC at the moment and i would recommend you not to go through HLC

    i have heard that osborne books are good
    NO BUSINESS CASE Registered Posts: 85 ? ? ?
    Units 15 & 32 are the ones I have completed and I have done my distance learning through BPP and the materials are generally good and easy to understand!

    Not sure if that is much of a recommendation??!!?!?
  • donnaalwill
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    I've no idea about other providers really, I have done all my studying with Kaplan, a combination of classroom study and now home study. I am doing unit 15, have the textbook on the sofa with me now actually as I have been running through it briefly before I start studying properly ready for the sim in the new year! It seems to be thorough enough for me (mind you I don't have anything to compare it to!)
    Which is unit 32?
  • dieselhead
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    Unit 32 is Professional Ethics (PET). I heard someone say the Kaplan book was not very good for this unit.

    I have used Kaplan up till now and have been pleased with the books (though have never seen any others)

    Kaplan are the cheapest at only £145 per unit. This includes the cost of the Simulation which others charge you an additional £32 for.

    BTW, have you seen the excellent 3 scenarios on the AAT website for PET? They are informative as well as being entertaining. I enjoyed them.
  • OlympicRudi
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    dieselhead wrote: »
    Unit 32 is Professional Ethics (PET). I heard someone say the Kaplan book was not very good for this unit.

    That might have been me, but I've seen others say it as well. I ended up using the Osbourne book for Unit 32, which is far better than Kaplan.

    I've not done Unit 15 yet since my Tutor is off with swine flu. For everything else I used Kaplan, which was fine since they were easy.
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