those who have done implementing audit procedures & business ethics

lisnic Registered Posts: 141 Dedicated contributor πŸ¦‰
im doing these distance learning - want to start audit this week in tandem with unit 10

how long did it take you? doesnt look an overly big unit and looks quite theory based

also how long did the business ethics take again very theory based? id love love to have both sims done for audit and ethics done by end of jan and unit 10 end jan/mid feb completion but im not as worried about that as can do that along with other units, that would then only leave me unit 33 mac ofr june exam which i will have plenty of time to do even with babies arrival

just want to see if this is a realistic timetable for audit, ethics and unit 10



  • dobbieobby
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    Me again, I sat the audit (unit 15) sim a couple of months ago and failed it, found it WAY harder than the practice papers at the back of the BPP books.
    I'm gonna get Unit 10 out the way, THEN do unit 15.
  • gingervicki
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    im sitting the Audit sim today, but i have been told its quite an easy paper and my friends completed it in about an hour.

  • Miss_HJ
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    If you understand the principle of audit then the sim is relativly easy to pass, you need to apply the rules like confidentuality, due care etc where ever possible and I found i was repeting myself a lot using the same justifications but as long as you understand the basics you should be fine.

    Goood luck
  • dobbieobby
    dobbieobby Registered Posts: 231 Dedicated contributor πŸ¦‰
    Sorry, I got confused with the units! I'm not doing audit, I'm doing Unit 15, credit control.
    From your messages I wish now I was doing audit though!!
  • *Jo
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    Unit 15 I found really hard in parts but only had to answer a couple of additional questions. Proffessional Ethics I found not too bad, again had to answer a couple of additional questions (I struggle with making myself clear when writing lol). I personally prefered Unit 32 as it was mainly common sense. Im sure you will do ok.
  • lisnic
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    thanks for this

    yes unit 15 cash management was a hard unit - i did the sim on 24th oct. had 1 additional question.

    i really need to get audit, ethics and unit 10 under my belt asap as from steves dfs answers thats a fail (sob! purely on 1 email gah!) as i have a baby due in 20 weeks and have mac to do too

    i think tomorrow im going to spend couple of hours starting unit 10 and an hr or so on audit and try stick to this method until all 3 are done so can get started on mac asap also - i am on fully time paid gardners leave so need to continue to use my time wisely not just shopping and ladies who lunch which it seems to have been since the exams finished!!

    im sure i will be on again!
  • Suzie B
    Suzie B Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    I did both Implementing Audit Procedures and Credit Control and Cash Management in the summer. As long as you are aware of all the background knowledge and procedures they are both really easy - good luck
  • Kashmir
    Kashmir Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
    would it be easier to do both sims then Unit 15 Cash Managment and Unti 17 Audit (NVQ) than do an exam for Business Taxation?

    Any ideas, are there lots of calculations to learn or is it more legalites of accountancy etc?
  • lizrochford
    lizrochford Registered Posts: 58 Regular contributor ⭐
    I took both unit 15 and 17 two weeks ago they aren't too bad at all you just need to learn the principles and know how to apply them. I passed both no probs.
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