Unit 23

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I'm Level 4 student posting on a Level 2 board, which might seem strange lol... but I currently helping out a level 2 student. Now, things have changed a little bit since I was a level 2 - especially the parts where you have to do simulations for everything!!

Thing is, Unit 23 for me was more project-based and my student has a simulation to complete for tomorrow. Is there anyone who can forward a link to, or email me (can provide email address via PM) a copy of simulation D2100 so I have a copy for reference?

Edit: I've now been told that this is the latest simulation for the unit and that there aren't any online versions yet, is this correct?

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    re unit 23

    i hope your friend gets the help they need, my unit 23 simulation is due in on the 14th december, however, after looking at the guidance notes, i am really confused.. i am unable to work and having to do a simulation that is work based...
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