Nvq plb - cbe

BowcombeBowcombe New MemberPosts: 11Registered
I was reading all the comments and wondered why nobody is doing the computer-based exam. I did it yesterday and got the result straight away, don't have to wait until Feb. By the way I passed and am really chuffed.


  • NikdougNikdoug Feels At Home Posts: 69Registered
    I did the cbe aswell, it was quick, easy and i could celebrate that day. I won;t do a paper based exam again if i can help it.
  • BowcombeBowcombe New Member Posts: 11Registered
    Hi, it is a great feeling, isn't it, after all the hardwork put into it as well as balancing work and family. Have you sign on to the next level? My company is sponsoring me which is a relief as the government funding has run out. My tutor said we can sit for the CBE exam for Intermediate but not the Technician. Who knows, they might review it when (or if) we are at that stage.
  • NikdougNikdoug Feels At Home Posts: 69Registered
    Yeh i've signed on, i get a top up fee from the government and then my employer pays the rest. I've only just turned 20 though so may be difference depending how old you are. I hope technician is computer based by then, although the essay can't be. I rekon it will be cb, seems to be the way forward.
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