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dizzyhorsedizzyhorse Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 49
Is there a way of finding out what the drop out and pass rates are for a college, Im not sure how to choose. The Ofsted reports are based on 16-19year olds.


  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    Most colleges have to report both, and the product (retention x pass rate) as they are used by government as a proxy of performance.
    Perhaps because of a statistics background to my own teaching, I would be wary of such data in deciding on which college to choose.
    For example:
    AAT students might drop out of a course because of excellent teaching that has meant they have moved elsewhere in the country to far better jobs.

    My advice is to try to find out "qualitative" rather than quantitative information. Such as the word-of-mouth evidence of current students. Do they teach in a way that suits you? Do they make a determined effort to make sure you don't lose out if a lecturer is off-sick one week etc

    There may be a good college near you where the stats are diabolical, but if they have 2 classes (one 16 year olds who are not keen, the other made up of more mature students in jobs who will arrange changes to their personal lives to be sure they can attend etc) then you may find that the 16 year olds class does have a lousey record but the mature class does very well. Another college could be the opposite. Similarly, a lot of school children have grown up learning in a much more fun environment than anyone over 30 would have experienced. If so you need to think, do I want a fun based class where I can learn the subject, or am I more suited to a more formal setting?

    Try and arrange a visit, just to have a quick look round. That way you can try to see for yourself rather than rely on stats.
    [email protected]
  • dizzyhorsedizzyhorse Feels At Home Registered Posts: 49
    Thanks Sandy
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