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What level of qualification do I need?

Hi All,

Wondered if anyone can help! I am studying AAT foundation in my college it takes 3 years to get my whole NVQ, I am currently working doing sales ledger for a company and hoping to be with them for the whole three years but I was wondering when I've completed my first year in June (well if I pass) would I be getting a pay rise? Im on 17k at the moment but am hoping to be making more, my company are quite relaxed but I don't want to be passing my exam next year to find out that they dont offer me a pay rise when they should be or do I have to wait until I complete the whole 3 years? I want to be able to do some ''work on the side'' and then finally work for myself. I might be jumping the gun since I only started in September but am hoping to start a family in 5 years and want to be working from home to support them...I haven't been with this company that long to ''rock the boat'' when asking would I get a pay rise I wanted to know before I go into them saying ''hay you owe me a payrise'' where I actually stand. I've tried searching this site but doesnt give me everything I am looking for so wondering if more experienced people knew...

Thanks x


  • sammyd22sammyd22 Well-Known Registered Posts: 207
    Sales ledger and credit control can pay quite well with experience itself. 17k in Bham wouldnt be a bad salary for what you are doing, however if you are working in the southern area for eg.. London, Surrey, Greater London etc, you could push for more. I dont think to many companies will see AAT foundation as a qualification that demands much of a rise if any, however Intermediate onwards in my opinion should enable you to "Rock the Boat" slightly.

    I became AAT qualified in Aug 09 and i work in Surrey and with 2 years or so assistant accounting experience it would be fair to look for around 25k with technician stage the qualification and experience. AAT will make you more attractive to employers as it gives you a great foundation of knowledge within accounting, however experience is even more important.

    Sales Ledger pays quite well and in a year or 2 you should probably look for a rise in that role alone but unless you are putting your skills to use in a more Assistant Accounting role i dont think too many companies will pay you for just your qualification.

    When i was doing foundation i had my first break as an Accounts Clerk for a small Ltd company and my Salary was under £11,000 and couldnt get a rise after my first year AAT!so i looked else where and im now on 23k working for a plc and A huge benefit for me was temping as it gives you valuable experience and the AAT has been a huge help.

    Try to gain as much varied experience as you can either within your company or somewhere else because its practical experience that pays, the qualification proves that you are cpmpetent.

    As for working for yourself, Technician stage gives you the option to do personal taxation. That will be a huge help when looking for clients as it will qualify you to do their PAYE returns. Also During Intermediate you will cover Vat return and that will be a help too as some small businesses may welcome favourable prices.

    In the mean time try and put you double rntry skills to practical use.

    I hope this helps!

  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    17k for a first year is extreamly good there are a lot of qualified AAT'ers not on that but as said i do suppose it depends on where you live.
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    I am an qualified MAAT and I work as an assistant accountant in London. I get £24,000 which I supplement with my self employed income. So the total is in the region of about £27,000 per annum before tax and NI.
  • Gentle JesusGentle Jesus Well-Known Registered Posts: 241
    sorry for the hijack but could I just as how much will someone that is AAT qualified NVQ, but with no experience, get in the Nottingham area ?
  • sammyd22sammyd22 Well-Known Registered Posts: 207
    Google salary surveys AAT - Theres recruitment agencies that do surveys on what typical salaries are in your region.
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