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UNIT 31 SAGE- Kaplan

Hi, Im wondering if anyone could help..
Ive just installed SAGE as part of unit 31 with Kaplan

However i dont know where to start..Do i go through the unit 31 book first or do i start with the booklet which is in the folder which seems to be all about sage where as the book does not?

Please help im a little confused


  • alexmitchellalexmitchell Feels At Home Registered Posts: 58
    Hi there,

    Im with kaplin too. As far as i am aware the first progress test is on chapters 1-8 of the study book, which doesnt involve any sage based learning. I think you start using sage later in the book (prob chapter 15 or something).
    My advice is just to go through the study book chapter by chapter, in order, completing the progress tests and sending them to kaplin for marking. I guess if you wanted you could skip to the sage stuff...

    Have you got the A4 photocopied booklet with the '5 star study guide? Its really useful. Ive only just started using it, but didnt bother for unit 30. i wish I had now as it can save a lot of unnessasary learning of subjects that you wont get tested on.

  • steph10pinksteph10pink New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Thanx Alex, yeh ive got the 5 star study guide too, ill take a look at that also.

    Thank You
  • alexmitchellalexmitchell Feels At Home Registered Posts: 58
    no probs, good luck with it

    if you get stuck on anything else feel free to pm me

  • NewLearnerNewLearner Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Alex

    I am with Kaplan too- distance learning. How do you manage studying between the units? I have just finished the first 9 chapter of unit 30 and willl do the progress test at the weekend. Am I supposed to switch studying the other units now??

    I am confused!
  • alexmitchellalexmitchell Feels At Home Registered Posts: 58
    Hi newleaner,

    I have finished unit 30 and did the exam in december so now im on to unit 31. I dont think you are really supposed to do two units at the same time. I would imagine you are studying unit 30 and set to take the exam in june? Then begin unit 31???

    have you got your distance work programme from kaplan? It should show you what your next task is like a progress test, mock exam, etc

  • NewLearnerNewLearner Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Alex,
    I got for both units and am down to take the exam for Unit 30 in June, but my work programme show Unit 31 Progress Test1 to be submitted on19/2/09. I think I will give them a ring to find out if I can to that unit in the summer?
  • sarahkillipsarahkillip New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Steph, Im with Kaplan also, the chapter on sage is towards the end of the book called something like "using a computerised accounting package" and as Alex said, its easier to just work through the book.
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