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Hi Happy new year to every1! I have a protential client contact me asking me if i can give them a quote on their payroll of weekly paid temps between 10-30 per week, invoicing upto 30 clients per week, producing monthly statements and giving one chasing credit control phone call to each client per month. They also want their annual company accounts, vat returns and bookkeeping doing. They will not give me any idea what they are currently being charged and they will not let me have a copy of their accounts so i can find out.

I have looked online to see if i can get a copy of their accounts since they are ltd, but the only ones i can see cost £9.99 and not downloading one before i am not sure that they will give the detailed amount i need. Does anyone know of anywhere online that i can get the information please?

I have no idea what to charge i want to be competitive but i don't want to go too cheap. Doea anyone do the full pakage like this for their clients and if so what do you think is a far charge please?

Many thanks :)


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    It should only cost £1 to download the accounts from Companies House but you risk them being abbreviated and not necessarily having the information you want.

    If they are abbreviated I would be surprised if you could get a full copy from anywhere else.
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    thank you :)
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    I'm not sure whether this will help, but I'm helping a recruitment company transfer all there current accounts functions currently outsourced (payroll[around 10 temps], credit control, VAT, PAYE/NI, billing) to an in-house system after they realised that their current layout is overcomplicated and agreed to £150/month and they seem happy with it.

    That's mainly for the transfer of the data though (mid-fiscal year/annual year/quarter) as they have no system in place. If you can't get the information you need from Companies House, does that help at all?
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    That sounds almost like a full-time job to me!
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