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Kaplan Unit 23 - organisation & department structure

NikzzyNikzzy New MemberRegistered Posts: 9

Sorry I have raised another thread on this unit however none of the threads I have seen so far really seem to be question specific.
I've been asked to describe organisation structure and then describe department structure so as two different answers. I understand the organisation structure (wrote a lot about how it ensures the work is divided and members are co-ordinated and ensuring each member is sure of their objectives and responsibilities. I've also described a bit about the organisational chart)
:owever the problem then arises when I'm answering the department structure question. I'm not sure if I'm missing a main point but is department structure not the same as organisation structure but on a smaller scale?
I'm finding I'm repeating myself and getting a bit stuck with what to write as I've already explained it all.

Am I not getting this properly or am I right?

Thank you!!
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