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Foundation - Time taken..

YaziYazi Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 225

How quick could foundation level take via distance learning would you say? - (say for a person who will get on with studying..) Diploma route.



  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 981
    it took me 4 months to study unit 30 studying 8 hrs a week , i do believe my background in maths helped and also i self -learn quite easily
  • YaziYazi Well-Known Registered Posts: 225
    Hi Marga

    So is Unit 30 an exam? (All new to me as I did the NVQ route)
    If this is begun soon, then the person could be ready to take it in June?

  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 981
    hi there

    yep, i started at the end of Jan and had plenty of time.(didnt sit in june due to my retarded tutor but thats something else)

    By april i had my first mock marked as 84% and the past paper in may 94% :)

    Diploma route

    Level 2 Certificate Unit 30 exam
    Unit 31 Slills test (simulation)

    Level 3 Advance Unit 5 FRA Exam
    Unit 6 ECR Exam
    Unit 32 and Unit 15 simulations (sorry forgot the names)
    Unit 31 (if not done in Level 2)

    i did Unit 30, 5 and 6 in dec and unit 31 in october last year and if tutors wouldnt have "played up" with me i believe i could have done unit 15 and 32 as well last year instead of dragging them to this year

    I believe both levels can be done in one year but it is my personal opinion
  • juliebjulieb Just Joined Registered Posts: 1

    I started studying unit 30 at the beginning of October and I sat my exam on 1st Dec, currently studying unit 31 and hope to complete by assessment by the end of next month and then start straight into my Advanced Certificate!
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