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Unit 31 Help!

Tinkerbell007Tinkerbell007 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 64
I'm doing Unit 31 via distance learning - am I right in thinking it is a 3 hoursim and then a health and safety section that you take away with you?


  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 981
    Hi Tinkerbell

    Unit 31 has three parts (I am doing it with HLC)

    Part 1 Consolidating, Indexes, VAT returns
    Part 2 SAGE
    Part 3 Health and Safety

    When i took my unit 31 sim i did three hours for part 1, then rested for 1 hour for lunch and then took part 2 another 3 hours

    Once you have completed these two the assesor will give you the papers for part 3 which you take home and have to complete within 28 days

    Hope that helps
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