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Unit 31 Sage question

Im trying to complete the practise Kaplan simulation for Unit 31, the question is asking me to enter and code cheques from customers. I was under the impression that the code used would be the cheque number but this hasn't been given? Help!


  • JanJan Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 654
    If you are enetering cheques FROM customers it will be the cheques you are paying in. I usually use the paying book ref (in a real situation) - have you been given this. Otherwise it could mean the cutomers ledger code. Does that make sense?
  • sarahkillipsarahkillip New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Yeah, that makes sense. I would have thought it was the cheque number or paying in slip number to be able to cross reference when doing the bank reconciliation, but neither have been given, so I'm just going to use the customer account reference. Thanks!
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