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Unit 34 & 35 (Unit 31 for some) Practice Simulation

redzhellredzhell Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 26
Hi all,

I've done all but one section of my first Practice Simulation which is Task 16 where it asks to print out the following:

* Statement of account for customers
* Sales and sales returns day book
* Purchases and purchases returns day book
* Subsidiary ledger accounts
* Subsidiary purchase ledger accounts
* Main ledger accounts
* Trial Balance

I've got a print out of TB but for all the other ones, I'm a bit confused! I've looked at Reports under Customers and Suppliers but can not find the ones specially they're asking for. I just printed out whatever I think might be sufficient like 'Day Books: Supplier Invoices (Summary), 'Day Books: Supplier Credits (Summary) and Day Books: Paid Invoices (Summary).

Has anyone else come across this problem?


  • NO BUSINESS CASENO BUSINESS CASE Feels At Home Registered Posts: 85
    Hi Redzhel, I am at the same point as you and plumped for the following!

    -I printed out statements for all customers,
    -Sales Day Book for both Sales and Sales returns
    -Purchases Day book for both purchases and returns
    -Subsidary Ledger accounts I just plumped for an aged debt report and Suppliers aged debts hence showed what was owed by customers and what needed to be paid to creditors
    -Main ledger account I took to be the cash book for the main bank account so printed that out as bank account listing which showed all my debits and credits at the bank
    -Trial balance was self explanatory

    My rationale was proof of what I had posted and I reckon that all the above covered all the entries I had made!!

    Good luck I have my sim on March 02nd the day after Unit 34!!
  • redzhellredzhell Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    Hi No Business Case,

    Thank you! I thought I was going bonkers as I couldn't find the exact things they were after but glad I know I just needed to interpret them.

    I'm still a bit confused with the day books. Where did you actually go to print those out?

    All I could print out were 'Day Books: Supplier Invoices (Summary), 'Day Books: Supplier Credits (Summary) and Day Books: Paid Invoices (Summary) etc.

    Is that right?
  • KVeeversKVeevers Feels At Home Registered Posts: 67

    i got the same problem where can i find the statements? because when i press the statement button it just said no files to return.
  • NO BUSINESS CASENO BUSINESS CASE Feels At Home Registered Posts: 85
    Hi Guys, I am with BPP so using Simply Books (just in case you are using SAGE or an other accounts package)

    The days books are under REPORTS and are literally headed SALES DAY BOOK AND PURCHASES DAY BOOK

    Sales day book shows all the invoices I have posted, The credit note(s) and finally the receipts from customers

    Purchase Day Book same info but obviously for purchases so invoices, credit notes, paymentsto suppliers and payments from petty cash ledger.

    KVeevers not sure to be honest on mine I just printed customer statements and a whole load of stuff came out luckily with what i needed in the middle of it! Have to be honest like a few people buy the looks of it I have been stuggling at times with the dates as obviously the computer doesnt like the fact that the practice sims are for '05 and '06 at times or might just be that I am useless ha ha!!

    Again if you are using simply books the practice sim I have been doing today was Lightfield Engineering!
  • redzhellredzhell Feels At Home Registered Posts: 26
    Hi, thank you again. I'm using Sage Instant Accounts so that's probably where the differences lie as I can't find SDB & PDB but I've got some other day book summaries that I've printed hoping they would suffice!

    KVeevers sorry I don't know why it's doing that either. Maybe you could ring Sage helpline to see if it's a bug as the Statement button on mine works fine.
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