dizzyhorsedizzyhorse Feels At HomePosts: 49Registered
Can I download anything from the AAT E-Learning on to an IPOD, rather than listen to radio in the car to work!!


  • DC Harry BattDC Harry Batt New Member Posts: 6Registered
  • dizzyhorsedizzyhorse Feels At Home Posts: 49Registered
    Leave.... Now? Whats that about?
  • katsutlieffkatsutlieff Trusted Regular Posts: 459Registered
    I tried to download the podcasts on VAT to my Iphone as well, have so far been unsuccessful. I have them on Itunes but they won't copy over. Have you had anymore success?
  • dizzyhorsedizzyhorse Feels At Home Posts: 49Registered
    NO, I think u can download from AAT or Itunes but not sure! I will find out next week once I get my exam over and done with. I will post and let u know. I have been told Podcasts are more for higher levels.
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