AON Assessments

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Is anyone else doing these in their first year? If so, what are your opinions of it so far?

I am quite appalled with how we were misleaded into signing up for it. We were just about to sit our first Sim before Christmas and was told that it was just a bit of maths and comms that will be like an extra qualification for our cv's and if you signed up and completed then you will get your fees etc back.

Well we hadn't heard anything up until a few weeks ago where we have just had to complete the maths assessment, which apparantely is some of level 3 work. We've now been handed our comms assessment which includes having to do a presentation in front of a few people! Also, we are to be doing online tests too, one of which is at half term (I am a singleparent and cannot get childcare very easily).

None of this was explained to us at the beginning, if it was, I would never have bothered. It's not as if I will be getting any money back as I am on benefits and I don't need the extra qual on my cv really as I will be working for myself but I cannot get out of doing it now otherwise the rest of my course will suffer!!


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