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Unit 31 Skills Test

Darron24Darron24 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 40

does anyone know whether unit 31 has 1 skills test combining old units 34/35/36 or 3 seperate ones?




  • GreycowGreycow Feels At Home Registered Posts: 83
    There are 3 skills tests, 31.1 which is the general test, 31.2 is the computerised accounts package and 31.3 is a small booklet on H & S etc that you have 4 weeks from issue to complete and return
  • Darron24Darron24 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 40
    thankyou. this is not good news though as i have no one to supervise me
  • Jonno1Jonno1 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 63
    I would like to take the simulation tests for the above unit, but I'm teaching myself and therefore not registered with a training provider. I have over 20 years experience with spreadsheets in my current job, I have SAGE installed on my pc at home and I am sure I can teach myself SAGE given my computer literacy levels. Is there any way I can take just the simulation tests for this unit at the training providers' premises rather than have to purchase a complete distance learning package from them? The Health & Safety simulation you say has to be completed at home - is there any way I can obtain a copy of the test without having to register with a training provider?
  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    I think you need to get supervised when doing it, so the paper gets sent to the supervisor ..you can do it in a library if they agree and then they send it back.
    You could try the BPP who just charge per unit so that might help
  • warren84warren84 Just Joined Registered Posts: 4
    You can apply to sit an exam as an external candidate at Kaplan, BPP, etc. for a nominal charge.
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