Units in home study at Certificate level & stuff.

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Sorry about another thread. I just want to understand it all properly before I pay out hundreds of pounds.

I'm looking around now and according to Premier Training the certificate consists of Units 30 & 31. But BBP says it consists of units 30, 34, 35 & 36 :/ How is this? Things like this are making me reluctant to just order it, because I don't know if I'll end up getting something wrong.

Also, on Premier Training, unit 31 appears in both the Certificate and Advanced Certificate. Is this correct?

Two more things: At which point do I require direct membership with the AAT and how does this actually benefit me? What is this change in regulation that I've seen people mention? How will it affect the qualifications?

The more I look in to it, the more I find that I don't understand. Hope someone can help as I'm hoping to get it ordered tomorrow.


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    The unit was called Unit 31. It is now called Unit 34,35 & 36.
    It is a unit that everyone has to do regardless of where you start - therefore if you are starting at Certificate level you do the unit(s) there to obtain your Certificate pass. But if you are starting your AAT studyin at the Adv Cert level then you do the unit within that level to pass.
    Perhaps talk to the teaching provider you choose before you order, so you fully understand - that is what you are paying them for.
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