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Which way!!!

CookiemonsterCookiemonster New MemberRegistered Posts: 14
Hello all,

Wonder if any of you could help me. I am studying my NVQ Foundation Level, but where I am studying it at the moment, they aren't very good. They don't help whatsoever, I am coming up to my final exam in June and I still don't understand what I am doing. Whenever I ask the tutor I get a response ''dont worry it's not as hard in the exam and we've never had anyone fail'' well am sorry but paying all this money I can't be relaying on they've never had anyone fail before even thou last year when I was signing up there was a lad next to me that just failed it and was retaking it in December!!....so anyways I've decided I don't want to put my career in the hands of these people for next year. The problem I have is my other local colleges don't do the NVQ path they only do the Dipolma, does anyone know if this matters? I have emailed the AAT student services but they said it can take up to 5 working days to respond. Now with 4 weeks to go until the exam i don't want this hanging over my head all summer!! I want to get this sorted ASAP so I can finish this year without worrying for next year!!

Thanks x


  • JaffasGirlJaffasGirl Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 387
    As of July you will have no choice.

    The NVQ and Diploma are merging into one Diploma Route. If you go on the BPP website, you will see the different exams in that you need to take (look for AAT New Standards)

    This may also be the reason that the other college are only showing that they do the Diploma route, as of the begining of July if you start a new level, you do the AAT New Standards.

    Hope this helps!
  • CookiemonsterCookiemonster New Member Registered Posts: 14
    Thanks for your help, well it's nice to know that my college informed me of that! That makes me feel a lot better as I really didn't want to go back there in September I might as well given my money to a chimp to train me, it would have made more sense.

    Thanks a lot for your help it's much appericated xx
  • mollymoomollymoo Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 23
    What are you struggling with cookiemonster maybe we could help.
  • CookiemonsterCookiemonster New Member Registered Posts: 14
    I question myself too much Molly. Ill think Ive understood something then talk myself out of it then I sit there all confused. I suppose most topics of it I am still not 100%.

    Wages! I haven't a clue how to do that! I don't know which sides and what I put
    ex: I dont know which sides I put the pensions on and which side I put the tax on...I am just hoping it's not on the final exam!

    Discounts! I always forget about where to put the transactions, think I will never give anyone a discount lol.

    I have the Osbourne book which I've read and i understand that better than my what my tutor tells me but sometimes she says one thing and the book says another. I am going with the book thou as I have more converdance in that!

    Thanks Molly x
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