Going onto BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance

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Whatsup everyone I was just wondering what higher education is like for the people who have completed Intermediate. I've noticed that the entry requirements for a few uni Accounting degrees are 5 GCSEs at A-C and Intermediate so I'm just wondering whether it would actually be possible for a part-AAT qualified student to gain entry onto the first year of a degree and do well without acquiring any A-Levels. I would love to hear from any uni students and career advisers on this forum!


  • Rinske
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    As far as I'm aware AAT intermediate is comparable somehow to A levels, however not sure what it would actually compare to. Having never done education in England, it's a bit blurry on what level is what.

    It might also pay to look into what would happen if you finish AAT Technician level and see if you get more exemptions!
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    Depending on which uni you go to if you fully complete AAT you can start an accounting degree at year 2.
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    I've been getting stuff through the post about doing a BA in a year after technician for a couple of thousand pounds. Not for me though - would much rather do AAT-ACA fast track in two years for half that amount!
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