Income & Expenditure Statement declaration

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I need to complete a simple income and expenditure statement and I would like to include a declaration to say for example that all income & expenditure has been declared and I agree with the calculation ( to be signed by client) and that all calculations are correct according to information provided by client (to be signed by me) at the bottom of the page. I am seriously lacking in creative writing and would be very grateful if anyone could suggest appropriate wording.


  • T.C.
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    How about "I approve these accounts and confirm that I have made available all relevant records and information for their preparation" and signed by the client and then "As described above, you are responsible for the approval of these accounts for the year 5th April 2010. In accordance with your instructions, I have compiled these unaudited accounts from the accounting records, information and explanations supplied to me".
    Or something like that?
  • lrhem
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    Thank you very much for your suggestion. Thats exactly the type of thing I was unable to compose. Easy when you know how. Thats very helpful, thank you.
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